Brent Walker


“Customers matter. Relationships matter. Quality matters.”
-- Operating Owner Brent Walker
Brent Walker is the Operating Owner of Parker Garage with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant and beverage industry. In addition to two decades of industry experience, Brent brings authentic charisma and talent to Parker Garage from his expansive food & beverage knowledge and commitment to delivering guests the full dining experience from the moment they enter the restaurant. 

His knowledge and contributions come from both domestic and international culinary and beverage travels. Walker also draws on his deep-rooted relationships with vendors to bring Parker Garage patrons distinctive offerings. 

Before Parker Garage, Walker was the U.S. Regional Manager for the 30+ year-old Earls Restaurants Ltd. He established the first Earls restaurant in Colorado at Park Meadows in 1999, which quickly made its mark as a hot spot and helped Walker claim his stake in the U.S. restaurant industry. Before he knew it, Walker was referred to as “Earl of the U.S.” Pioneering the challenge of recreating an established and respected Canadian brand in the United States, Walker embodied the personality and fostered the reputation of Earls in Colorado just as he had done for locations across Canada since the early 90s. Walker expanded the Earls restaurant presence throughout Colorado with the 2007 opening of Earls | Glenarm on the 16th Street Mall, followed by Earls | Cherry Creek in 2009. Prior to his role in the U.S., Walker was the General Manager at Earls | Tin Palace in Edmonton— the longest-running establishment within the Earls collection.
At Parker Garage, Walker is focused on delivering an exceptional dining experience to his guests and delivering local, hand-selected, seasonal ingredients brilliantly prepared.
“Brent is committed to the full dining experience—from the moment his guests enter his restaurant to the time they leave, and everything in between. His attentiveness to the fine details and the big picture is hard to come by these days. Brent values excellent quality in the front of house, back of house and food & beverage…it all matters equally to Brent as he forms genuine relationships with his guests.”
-- Michael Ditch, Acclaimed Wine Consultant and Former Restaurateur/Chef